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Blackmore Rubia Gallega Beef Sausage Frozen - 5pcs [500g] "Gluten Free"

Blackmore Rubia Gallega Beef Sausage Frozen - 5pcs [500g] "Gluten Free"

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Let us introduce you to Rubia Gallega, a unique Spanish Breed with a beautiful temperament. 

Rubia Gallega is native to the autonomous community of Galicia in north-western Spain, and distributed mainly throughout Galicia. Today, they are distributed throughout the autonomous community, with about 75% of the population concentrated in the province of Lugo. The breed is also known as Galician Blonde and Galician.

Rubia Gallega cattle are medium to large sized animals with red-blonde, wheaten or cinnamon-coloured coat. They have a beautiful calm and tranquil temperament. Both bulls and females usually have medium length, curved horns, with an average height of around 145cm at the withers for bulls, and about 135cm for the cows. The average live body weight of the mature cows is around 700kg, while mature bulls on average weight around 1,000kg.
While they are similar to wagyu traist, Rubia Gallega produces milk to make Galician Cheese as well.


100% Spanish Breed Beef, Herbs, Smoked Paprika, Rice Flour. Food Additives

Snap frozen to keep it fresh.

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