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Margaret River Wagyu MB4/5 Hanging Tender [430g-450g]

Margaret River Wagyu MB4/5 Hanging Tender [430g-450g]

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A tasty cut of beef that hangs from the diaphragm of the cow along the plate, or lower belly. Because this muscle does very little work, it's extremely tender and packed with beef flavor. Perfect for broil or grill.

Margaret River Wagyu Beef has an unmistakably rich and buttery flavour, a result of its highly marbled meat, stress-free lifestyle, and high quality grain diet harvested locally from the Margaret River region and is guaranteed free of Hormone Growth Promotants, for a naturally healthy choice.

Fed a specially formulated grain ration for 350 to 450 days. The cattle are fed using a specially designed semi intensive feedlot system. This system provides more space per animal than traditional intensive feedlots and takes into account the animals psychology. Resulting to a tender and full of flavour wagyu beef.

This product is chilled and never been frozen.

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