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Margaret River Pure Bred Wagyu MB4/5 Beef Brisket [Weight Options Available]

Margaret River Pure Bred Wagyu MB4/5 Beef Brisket [Weight Options Available]

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Perfect for braised, smoked, or slowly roasted. It's rendered fat equals in soft and satisfying beef with incredible flavour.

Margaret River Wagyu Beef has an unmistakably rich and buttery flavour, a result of its highly marbled meat, stress-free lifestyle, and high quality grain diet harvested locally from the Margaret River region and is guaranteed free of Hormone Growth Promotants, for a naturally healthy choice.

Fed a specially formulated grain ration for 350 to 450 days. The cattle are fed using a specially designed semi intensive feedlot system. This system provides more space per animal than traditional intensive feedlots and takes into account the animals psychology. Resulting to a tender and full of flavour wagyu beef.

Cooking guide for Brisket

1) Make small incisions in the brisket approx 3 inches apart and stuff small slithers of raw garlic in.

2) Half fill a pot that comfortably fits your beef with cold water.

3) Place the beef into the pot and add any aromatics you like (I like to keep it simple with bay leaves and peppercorns, no need to add any salt, you can add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the water if you like a sweeter finish).

4) Once the water has reached a rolling boil, lower down the heat to a simmer and cook for approximately 45mins per kilogram or until fork tender. (you can also add quartered potatoes, carrots and onions half way through to complete the full meal).

5) Serve with a home made cheese sauce or any sauce you wish. (leftovers can be kept in the fridge and used for sandwiches).

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