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Icon Wagyu MB6/7 Petite Tender [290-320g]

Coming from the shoulder and sometimes called “Bistro Tender” or “Shoulder tender" this small muscle is one of the most tender parts of the animal. It is without a doubt a great alternative to beef tenderloin in terms of texture, flavor, and tenderness.

The Icon wagyu team and livestock buyers have carefully created a specialised selection program resulting in a high quality product. Working in close partnerships with high performing farmers and utilizing only the best Full Blood Wagyu genetics to achieve consistently superior F1 carcass weights, marbling and meat quality.

Raised in a 100% natural environment, Icon wagyu cattle are sustainably grown by families of passionate and dedicated cattlemen and women before entering specialised feedlots renowned for long feeding programs. The result is ICON Wagyu.

This product is chilled and never been frozen.