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W. Black Wagyu Sirloin Roast MB5+ [Weight Options Available]

W. Black Wagyu Sirloin Roast MB5+ [Weight Options Available]

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Sear all the edges and roast in the oven until desired doneness!

Only the finest calves are chosen. Twelve months roaming natural pastures. Four hundred days on a bespoke Japanese-inspired 100% vegetaraian diet.

The natural wagyu earthy caramel sweetness shines through. A silky texture, rich in good fats, Omega 3 and oleic acid. A flavour profile that could only mean one thing. The marbled Australian W. Black.

A great product starts on the land. W.Black prides itself on the relationships with farmers renowned for best practice, ethics and sustainability. Feedlots provide a superior environment for cattle that are Livestock Welfare Certified and with No Added Hormones.


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