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Walkers Seafood Swordfish Steak Frozen [220-250g]

Walkers Seafood Swordfish Steak Frozen [220-250g]

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100% Australian
MSC certified sustainable

Swordfish is renowned for its firm texture and mild flavour, making it a popular choice for grilling and baking. It's an excellent source of selenium, a micronutrient known for its significant cancer-fighting and heart-heart benefits.

Walker Seafoods Australia is a Queensland based tuna company that operates on the entire east coast of Australia. The main port for processing and packaging is Mooloolaba, they are primarily known for producing high quality, export grade product.

Walker Seafoods Australia owns five vessels and have their own export / processing facility in Mooloolaba.

Walker Seafoods Australia has owned vessels fishing since 2002 and have steadily grown into the biggest company in the ETBF with the highest catch rates and quota holdings with a focus on quality that is demanded by Japanese, American and Australian consumers.
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