Turkey Cooking Instructions
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Turkey Cooking Instructions


Frozen Turkey Preparation

After purchasing a frozen turkey you must plan the thawing time as It will take 3 days for a 5-6kg [11-13 pounds] turkey to fully defrost in the refrigerator. Thawing at room temperature is not only unsafe, it breaks down the proteins in the turkey resulting in dry meat. Purchase a thawed & brined turkey at butcher box, not only will we make your turkey juicier but we will also save you time!

Our frozen turkeys are fully cleaned and without neck & giblets. After thawing, you may prepare your stuffing and seasoning, and proceed with the steps below.

Thawed, Stuffed & Marinated Turkey Preparation

Remove the turkey from the fridge at least 30 minutes prior to cooking and place the turkey on a bed of vegetables in a roasting pan [vegetables optional] then cover with a lid, or fashion your own cover with a loose foil "tent".
Tips: You may add some water in a separate pan and place on a lower rack, this acts as a steamer and prevents burning.

Cooking Instructions

  • Roast in a pre-heated 170-180° C oven. Follow cooking time guide below.
  • Allow a cooking time of approximately 35 minutes per kg of turkey.
  • Remove cover or foil for the last final 30 minutes for browning.
  • Check internal temperature, the recommended internal temperature for cooked poultry is 74°C. You can remove the turkey from the oven around 70°C as it will keep rising for some time while resting.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes resting time before serving.

Baste The turkey?

Note: there is no need to baste the turkey. Studies show liquid poured over the surface of the turkey does not penetrate the skin. Repeatedly opening the oven door to baste the turkey only heats the kitchen and prolongs the cooking time, as the saying goes "If you're lookin' it ain't cookin'!"