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Safeguarded by a rugged and untouched coastline, King Island is unlike any other place on earth. King Island Beef is sourced exclusively from grass fed cattle raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s and is underpinned by the pioneering JBS Farm Assurance Program to guarantee a tender, juicy and flavoursome eating experience…every time.
Little Joe is the global epitome of grass-fed beef. It is exclusive in supply and a luxurious eating experience perfectly suited to the most discerning chefs and niche retailers where only the very best beef is expected. The Little Joe promise is to deliver an all-natural grass fed beef product that offers a minimum marble score of four (AusMeat standard). A feat near impossible to replicate. Naturally raised by our accredited farmers in southern Australia, Little Joe is guaranteed to be independently 3rd party audited to ensure our livestock meet our stringent “never ever” raising claims.
Backed by Australia’s class-leading eating quality assessment tool, Meat Standards Australia (MSA), every portion of Riverina Angus is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavour. This science-based grading instrument, which has been USDA process verified, was developed through consumer trials from across the world to ensure overall eating quality. Riverina Angus is the proud winner of gold medals from branded beef award competitions across Australia including being crowned Champion at the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.
The Bachelor Beef harnesses the origins of the angus breed and the passion of the founding father, William McCombie, to deliver a refined, richly flavoured beef for the modern consumer. The cattle are finished in our feedlots on specially formulated grain rations, to deliver the eating quality expected with a marble score of 2+ and 3+. Our state-of-the-art processing facilities in Queensland and new south wales ensure the highest levels in food safety, animal welfare and product specification. ‘The Bachelor’ beef is guaranteed to deliver a consistent eating experience impressing chefs, leading retailers and consumers worldwide.
Our sales team and livestock buyers have carefully created a specialised selection program resulting in a high quality product. We work in close partnerships with high performing farmers and utilise only the best full blood wagyu genetics to achieve consistently superior f1 carcass weights, marbling and meat quality. Raised in a 100% natural environment, our cattle are sustainably grown by our families of passionate and dedicated cattlemen and women before entering specialised feedlots renowned for long feeding programs. The result is icon wagyu.
Blackmore Wagyu is an award winning and internationally recognised producer of 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef, cattle that are not diluted with any other breed. Blackmore Wagyu uses unique farming methods; combining old world Japanese farming, with new, technically sound scientific methodologies. This combination contributes to the improvement in both the meat and the quality of the animals’ lives. Our cattle are raised on their mothers until they are weaned. After weaning our animals have access to pasture and fed our supplementary ration for 100+ days. Our animals are then finished for 600+ days on our secret feed ration in a low density lot feeding system.
Livingstone Farms is a select group of boutique Victorian farmers who have a passion for breeding Fullblood Wagyu beef. All of our farmers follow strict guidelines that ensure the consistent high quality of the Livingstone Farms brand. The Victorian climate and environment is a major factor in limiting animal stress throughout its life ensuring Livingstone Farms Fullblood Wagyu represents premium quality every time. Livingstone Farms selects the finest Fullblood Wagyu to be raised for 500+ days on a special commodity based diet. The Livingstone Farms brand represents the best MB 7-8 Wagyu on the market with the finest flavour and texture. All animals raised for the Livingstone Farms brand are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically modified products.
Stone Axe Wagyu named Australia’s grand champion wagyu, two years running. Stone Axe pastoral herds showcase australia’s best purebred and full blood japanese black wagyu, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of australian full blood wagyu. With herds located in hand-selected, resource rich regions across australia, stone axe pastoral is a world-leader in luxury beef production, building the world’s largest vertically integrated purebred and full blood wagyu enterprise.
Our Red Hill farm is situated within the picturesque central tablelands of New South Wales. Red Hill is a beautiful sanctuary that has unique and caring husbandry practices which allow our vealers to grow in a natural stress free environment. raised on some of the best pasture land in australia, our vealers graze on undulating hill sides which are filled with a combination of natural clovers, phalaris, coxsfoot and rye grasses. the beautiful temperate climate in this region allows for all four seasons to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment.
White Pyrenees Lamb is premium pasture fed lamb sourced directly from the foothills of the pyrenees region. The Pyrenees region is located in the central west of Victoria and is recognised for its rich, fertile and productive land, ideal for producing Australia’s finest quality lambs.
Born and raised for their entire lives in a stress-free, natural outdoor environment – Our pigs are free to roam 24 hours a day. They always have access to clean, fresh, spring-fed water and plenty of shade and shelter. The care, passion and dedication to animal welfare in our farming consistently produces exceptional quality pork. Our Gooralie Free-Range Pork is renowned for delivering on taste, tenderness and flavour.