How to Expertly Carve a Turkey
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How to Expertly Carve a Turkey

  1. Begin by removing any stuffing from the turkey cavity and set it aside for later.

  2. Start by separating the leg sections from the body. Carefully cut in between the legs and the body joints on both sides. Gently bend back the leg sections, and the bone joints will easily release. Remove the turkey leg sections, also known as the "maryland," on both sides.
  3. Following the same technique, identify the joint between the wings and the breast, and carefully cut or bend it to release the wing. Any remaining work can be completed with your carving knife.

  4. After the leg and wing sections have been removed, focus on removing the breast. You can make this step easier by bending the carcass off the back and placing the breast section on the cutting board.

  5. Run your knife along both sides of the breastbone, ensuring that the knife slices cleanly through the meat. Removing the wishbone before cooking the turkey will make this step smoother.
  6. Continue by running the knife along the carcass, taking care not to accidentally peel off any skin from the breast.
  7. At this point, you should have two breast sections, two wing sections, two leg sections, the carcass, and any stuffing you had.

  8. Now, it's time to slice the breast. By taking off the whole breast, you can slice it against the grain, resulting in tender slices, each with some skin.

  9. Separate the drumstick from the thigh at the joint and serve the drumstick whole. Gently run the knife around the thigh bone to loosen the meat being careful not to tear the skin. You should be able to remove the bone easily with your fingers. Slice the thigh against the grain, ensuring each slice retains some skin.
  10. For the wings, separate the drumette from the wingette, and serve both of these sections whole.

  11. Finally, for the stuffing, you can either tear it into pieces or slice it. Slicing the stuffing can make it look more presentable alongside the rest of the turkey. Enjoy your beautifully carved turkey!

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