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W. Black Wagyu MB6/7 Petit Tender [290-320g]

W. Black Wagyu MB6/7 Petit Tender [290-320g]

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Coming from the shoulder and sometimes called "Teres Major", “Bistro Tender” or “Shoulder tender" this small muscle is one of the most tender parts of the animal. It is without a doubt a great alternative to beef tenderloin in terms of texture, flavour, and tenderness.

Only the finest calves are chosen. Twelve months roaming natural pastures. Four hundred days on a bespoke Japanese-inspired 100% vegetarian diet.

The natural wagyu earthy caramel sweetness shines through. A silky texture, rich in good fats, Omega 3 and oleic acid. A flavour profile that could only mean one thing. The marbled Australian W. Black. No Added Hormones or antibiotics.

This product is chilled and never been frozen.

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