How to carve a bone in leg ham
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How to carve a bone in leg ham

Slicing a ham doesn't need to be complicated. Follow these simple steps to create beautifully cut slices for your perfect ham presentation.


A cooked ham


1. Prepare Your Ham:

Start by removing the cloves from your ham.

2. Locate the Bone:

To begin slicing, find the bone. You can do this by following the shank down with the tip of your knife.

3. Cut Along the Bone:

Carefully cut all the way down, staying approximately 1.5 inches in from the edge and pressing hard against the bone.

4. Remove the Bone:

Repeat the cutting process from the opposite angle. As you do this, gently maneuver the bone out while releasing the meat around it with your knife.

5. Split the Muscle:

Take the large muscle and split it down the middle. You'll notice a natural seam that you can loosely follow.


6. Slice Against the Grain:

After dividing the muscle into two sections, take one of the muscle halves and start to slice it against the grain to your desired thickness.

7. Plate and Serve:

Arrange your beautifully sliced ham on a platter and serve!

This easy process ensures that your ham slices are not only delicious but also beautifully presented. Perfect for any occasion, these slices will be a hit at your table.

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