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$200 Christmas Family Box [6-8 pax]

$200 Christmas Family Box [6-8 pax]

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Great Savings of $27!

A simple set of Christmas festive dinner for a party of 6 to 8 people.

Individual cuts may vary, end pack weights will be minimum as advertised.

Your box includes the following items,
1 x [900g-1kg] Australian King Island Grass Fed Sirloin Roast 
1 x [950g-1kg] Australian Free Range Boneless Chicken Rolled with Pork Stuffing Frozen
1x [900g-1kg] Gooralie Free Range Raw Porchetta Skin on & Scored
1 x [1.5kg+/-] Greenvale Farm Smoked Boneless Mini Ham
10 Pigs in Blankets [Pork Chipolatas wrapped in Pancetta]

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