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Clayton's Organic Grass Fed Rib Eye Roast [Weight Options Available]

Clayton's Organic Grass Fed Rib Eye Roast [Weight Options Available]

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100% Organic grass fed rib eye roast - always a treat!

Clayton's is a family-owned and operated boutique certified organic beef producer. The cattle are raised on Clayton's certified organic family farms, as well as selected other organic farms in Western Queensland.

The cattle are exclusively grass-fed on Tulloch Brae's open pastures and supplemented with organic fresh-cut silage, which may contain natural grains. The organic forage is irrigated using natural spring aqueducts, ensuring the availability of fresh and lush pastures throughout the year. As a result, Clayton's Organic Beef possesses a more robust flavour profile compared to other organic beef varieties and has been described as the epitome of the "original" taste of beef, characterized by its sweeter or nuttier notes in comparison to grain-fed animals.

Certified Free Range Organic
No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
Environmentally Sustainable

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