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King Island Rib Eye Steaks [8 x 280-300g] [2.2-2.4kg]

King Island Rib Eye Steaks [8 x 280-300g] [2.2-2.4kg]

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Rib eye steak - One of the tastiest beef grilling steaks with a superior tenderness and flavour, always a crowd favourite. Great on the grill or pan frying.

Australia's premium natural grass fed beef, King Island Beef is proudly sourced from cattle raised free range for life exclusively on King Island. A place where the pastures are so pristine, it’s earned the reputation for being one of the last truly untouched locations.

MSA Graded
Free Range
Grass fed for life
Antibiotic free
GMO free
No added hormones (HGP's)
High animal welfare

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