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Misty Gully Liquid Smoke 210ml - Hickory

Misty Gully Liquid Smoke 210ml - Hickory

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Manufactured in Australia from a blend of Hickory and other woods to give you just the right amount of smoky flavour to suit your cooking needs.

Hickory provides a strong but mellow smoke flavour and is considered to be great on any meat but is particularly great on Red meats and Pork.

These Liquid Smoke products can be used in foods or on foods making them a great addition to Sausages & Jerky. You can add Liquid smoke to any food including sauces, vegan cooking, spray on your BBQ meats, and add to soups.

Like an essence, only a few drops is required to achieve a smoky flavour in meals and a few sprays on steaks or roasts.

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