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Tender Valley - Grain Fed MB3+ Black Angus T-Bone [850-900g]

Tender Valley - Grain Fed MB3+ Black Angus T-Bone [850-900g]

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T-bone steak is a prime cut of beef that gets its name from the T-shaped bone that divides it. It is cut from a vertebral cross-section of the striploin and the tenderloin, two of the most succulent sections of meat on a cow. The meat is flavourful and juicy when properly grilled.

Decades of finessing and perfecting the art of producing the most superior Australian grain fed beef for the discerning Japanese market, Tender Valley offers beautifully refined, marble score 3+, MSA Graded, Black Angus beef.

Tender Valley Australian Black Angus beef is a premium black angus beef product that delivers a consistently tender, juicy and rich flavoured eating experience every time.

The cattle are finished in our feedlots on specially formulated grain rations, to deliver high quality marble score 2+ and 3+ beef that is underpinned by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for an extra layer of guaranteed consistency.

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