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Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu MB8/9 Inside Skirt [550-580g]

Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu MB8/9 Inside Skirt [550-580g]

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Perfect as a steak or for fajitas.

Blackmore Wagyu is an award winning and internationally recognised producer of 100% Full Blood Wagyu beef, cattle that are not diluted with any other breed.
Founder, David Blackmore pioneered the production of 100% Full blood Wagyu beef in Australia, having imported more than 80% of the Wagyu genetics into Australia between 1992 and 2004.

Blackmore Wagyu is marketed to gourmet butchers and high end restaurants domestically and exported to 14 countries. Raised on a high quality grain diet, free of Hormone Growth Promotants, perfect marbling, tender, full of flavour and low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol.

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